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My Mission

Jerusalem is a one-of-a-kind city.

unique, there is no one like her.

jerusalem exsits twice, here on erth and there is also the heavenly jerusalem always on top

If you want to understand what is all about, to truly feel this city ,

you need someone who lives, breathes and devotes himself exclusively to Jerusalem.

You need someone who can take it all in and provide you with a tailor-made experience. You need me.

I will create a memorable experience for you of the secret Jerusalem only a true Jerusalemite would know!

So if you’re travelling in Jerusalem…

Taste jerusalem-with shuki Haidu privet Tours 

An everlasting taste of Jerusalem that will remain with you forever.

Why explore Jerusalem with me?

My Mission, in every tour and with everyone who travels with me,

is to make them fall in love with Jerusalem by creating a special bond.

I will show you what is so special about this city

and help you find answers to all the unanswered questions: 

How is it that this tiny area, on the edge of the desert far from all main routes, became the center of the world,

sanctified to three different religions?

Why is it that everyone wants to call this city their own and try to gain a foothold in Jerusalem? 

Why so many people struck by the “Jerusalem Syndrome”?


My tours include visits to out-of-site places that only a local would know, revealing the many authentic faces and magical vibes that keep us natives so enthralled by Jerusalem. All of my tours mix humor with seriousness, historical information with juicy anecdotes.

I’m always happy to think outside the box! I’m very flexible, spontaneous and eager to arrange an exclusive Jerusalem experience tailor-made to fit your needs and wishes.

My Motto:

People forget what you told them, 

people forget what you did for them, 


people never forget how you made them feel.

Want to feel the authenticity of Jerusalem? just come and Taste jerusalem
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